sabato 10 ottobre 2009

Popocorntree Sampler

This is a collection of old and new buttons design that I sent in a sampler to an Italian shop promoting the Italian handmade productions.

The burlap sampler

The collection

1. Big oval button 2. Small oval button
3. Red  birdie button 4. Barn button

5. Chocolate texture 6. Cherry tree wood "kodama"
7.Tiny "fan"button  8. Cherry tree wood button

9. Cherry tree wood button 10.Burnt locust tree wood  button
11. "kodama" button 12. Square button

13. Small square button 14.Small locust tree wood button
15. adornment 16. Burnt "tree"button

17.Burnt button 18 Hand carved leaf button
 19.Locust tree wood button 20.Adornment


21.Adornment 22.Burnt button
23.Burnt button 24.Burnt button

25.Hand carved button 26.Adornament
27. Burnt button

2 commenti:

  1. These pieces are so great! I am wondering if you'll be updating your shop soon? I'd love to get maybe one of your birds, and a house bead...and the buttons are fabulous too! I just found your shop... it was named as a favorite blog on some comments left on a friend's glass bead blog


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